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Buy Diploma Frame Fixed

With 30+ years of diploma framing experience, it's no wonder we're #1 for handcrafting the very best diploma frames and officially licensed certificate frames for special occasions. Trust us to create the perfect frame for you!

buy diploma frame

With more than 30 years in the business, University Frames is the leader when it comes to delivering the finest diploma frames to college graduates and anyone looking forward to showcasing their loved ones' achievements. We believe that earning a degree is a huge accomplishment; therefore, we use the finest hardwood for all of our licensed college degree frames. What's more, when getting your diploma frames designed at University Frames, you get the exact frames that are sold on campuses across the country with utmost attention to detail.

We are officially licensed with over 1000 colleges/universities, and our college diploma frames come decorated with the original seal (22-karat gold or silver medallion) from those colleges and universities. You can choose from a wide range of frames styles, including Diploma Frame, Double Diploma Frame, Diploma Frame with Tassel, Graduation Frames, Graduation Picture Frames, Campus Image Frame, Logo Mat Frame and much more. The best part is that you can customize it according to your style and preferences.

Your degree is more than just a piece of paper, and it deserves to be preserved and displayed in the best diploma frames. At University Frames, we use high-quality solid hardwood in all our frames while ensuring the greatest precision in measurements and other specifications.

Diploma sizes vary depending on many factors such as year of graduation and type of degree (law and medical degrees are often different sizes). If you have not yet received your diploma or you are buying the frame as a gift, you can contact the school's Registrar's Office directly to obtain this information.

University Frames, Inc. offers free ground shipping on any quantity or style of frames to the United States and its territories. Most frames are delivered via Ground Shipping within 3-4 weeks. We also offer international ground shipping as needed. Next Day, 2nd Day & 3rd Day Expedited shipping as needed. You can check your order status here

The standard lead time for our diploma frames can take 3-4 weeks from start to finish. Our custom diploma frames are handcrafted by our frame experts at our Anaheim, CA facility. Due to the customization options available, most frames are made to order once your order has been submitted.

Whether you just graduated or know a loved one who reached another milestone in their academic career, buying a diploma frame is every bit worth the time and effort. A diploma or degree certificate is more than just a piece of paper. It serves as a symbol of the dedication and hard work that went into achieving it, and should never be shoved off behind racks or forgotten amidst old books.

An elegantly designed diploma frame adds to the value of the official document, preserving it for future generations to see and celebrate. At University Frames, we go the extra mile to preserve your diploma and the memories it represents.

I never expected to go to college, and as graduation was getting closer I knew I wanted to display my diploma as a reminder of my hard work. I hung it in my bedroom and it served as a reminder of past determination and motivation for my next unexpected endeavor: graduate school.

Looking up at my beautifully framed diploma, I was reminded of all the challenges I faced and eventually conquered, and drew strength from those experiences. This would become incredibly important as we transitioned to full-time remote school in the height of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic

I decided to frame my degree because my fiancé encouraged me to do so. I worked hard to accomplish this goal and my home office was a perfect location to hang it up. Whenever I glance at it, I remember the trials that turned into triumphs! I am my own wildest dream.

- I chose to frame my degree because I wanted to symbolize all the trials and obstacles I overcame to earn my degree from figuring out the application process to navigating the campus to meeting the professors and all the work I had put in my courses while working to finally make it across the stage. The frame proudly displays all my hard work. And that is why I chose to frame my degree.

I grew up in a nice suburb of Chicago. Pretty much everyone from my high school went to college. So, I always thought that college was simply expected. I graduated high school and then graduated college and didn't think much of it. My college diploma sat on my kitchen table for a few months. The university sent a form offering to have my Diploma "preserved," and I just filled it out. It looked decent enough.

There are two ways to use this attractive diploma frame. Use it with the mat to show off your 8 1/2 by 11-inch document or without the provided mat to display your 11 by 14-inch diploma. The frame itself has a beautiful mahogany finish that is decorated with a series of gold beads.

What We Liked: There are two ways to use this attractive diploma frame. Use it with the mat to show off your 8 1/2 by 11-inch document or without the provided mat to display your 11 by 14-inch diploma. The frame itself has a beautiful mahogany finish that is decorated with a series of gold beads.

What We Liked: Great for home or office, this diploma frame utilizes a classic design that truly highlights your accomplishments by displaying your diploma in style. Consumers have a choice between 12 different finishes, including black, distressed red and gold. The diploma frame can also be hung up vertically or horizontally.

What We Liked: Show off your latest achievement with this diploma frame. The frame is modern in style and features a Newzland whitewood molding with a navy blue mat and a gold rim. It can be rested on a table, or hung either vertically or horizontally on a wall.

You can literally buy the exact same quality frame at a big box store for a fraction of the cost. The only difference is the college store frames have the college name printed on the matting. Other than that, the other materials are about the same.

If you are framing routine art for a dormitory room or short term living space, frames of this quality are fine (depending on the price, of course). But, considering the incredible amount of time and money you invested in achieving your diploma, and the fact it will be displayed for many years, one would think it deserves a nicely made protective frame.

The typical diploma frames are manufactured overseas by countries with very low labor costs and exported to the United States in large containers. The containers are then delivered to the diploma frame businesses where the frames are cut and assembled as in any other frame shop. Once finished, the frames are then shipped to the schools for sale in the college store.

The frames are expensive because at least three businesses/institutions have their hands in the pot. (1) The diploma frame company, (2) The massive college store conglomerates, also known as the middleman, and (3) The college or university store. With all these entities grabbing a piece of the pie, it's no wonder the prices are high. And, of course, the quality is usually compromised to allow for a greater profit margin to split.

At Museum Framing, we sell diploma frames that contain full 100% museum grade framing materials and techniques for less then the average college or university store. We only use Tru Vue 99% conservation grade glass or acrylic, 100% cotton rag (NOT wood pulp) matting and double archival backing - Exceeding the standards set forth from the Library of Congress.

When you research framing materials with the highest quality materials on the market, rag mats and 99% UV filtered glass are what usually pops up. Museums and collectors want to frame their important and valuable documents using only these items. By the way, "rag" is a misnomer as a description. Rag mats are called that because they are actually made from pure cotton fiber material, the only inert material sold in museum grade mat boards.

If you are unable to attend the ceremony, it will be livestreamed and links will be made available on the Commencement website. You will still receive your diploma, as participation in the ceremony has no impact on your degree. Also, you are welcome to participate in future ceremonies when you are able. Please contact us during the semester of the ceremony in which you wish to participate.

Your diploma signifies the culmination of years of hard work and dedication to your education. Protect and preserve the memory of this accomplishment with an Oklahoma State University diploma frame. The University Store offers a wide selection of diploma frames in varying styles, finishes and price ranges. Our diploma frames are made with acid-free, premium quality matboard to provide better protection from long-term discoloration and deterioration. For something truly unique, check out our custom diploma frame options.

All frames are Canadian-made and eco-friendly. All profits from frame sales are invested back into programs and services for UCalgary alumni and future alumni. Please anticipate 4-6 weeks for delivery.

With custom red single matting, the Vogue is a black metal diploma frame with a wider, contemporary-looking moulding. The wider look of the Vogue Diploma Frame and the thick mat distinguishes itself from the normal gold and silver metal frames. 041b061a72


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