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Ayar Sheriyar Shabdam Meaning Of

Ayar Sheriyar Shabdam Meaning Of

Ayar Sheriyar is a popular shabdam in Bharatanatyam, a classical dance form of India. Shabdam is a type of dance accompanied by a poem with a devotional or romantic theme. The word Ayar is derived from the Dravidian word `A` meaning cow and `yar` meaning people. Ayars are the cowherds of Gokula, the village where Lord Krishna spent his childhood. Sheriyar means the best or the most excellent among them. Ayar Sheriyar shabdam is a praise of Krishna, who is the supreme cowherd and the beloved of the gopis (cowherd girls).

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The shabdam consists of short compositions based on different aspects of Krishna, such as his beauty, his mischief, his music, and his love. The compositions are set to different ragas (melodies) and talas (rhythms) to create a variety of moods and expressions. The dancer uses abhinaya (facial expressions and gestures) to convey the meaning of the lyrics and to depict the emotions of the gopis towards Krishna.

Some of the common verses in Ayar Sheriyar shabdam are:

  • In Gokula, he plays the flute and attracts the gopis. Unbeknownst to the rest of the village, Krishna stealthily sneaks around and steals butter and distracts the gopis from their daily chores. With his coral-red lips playing the flute, Krishna's hair sways gently from side to side and his beautiful face glows.

  • Even the timid deer become mesmerized by this Mayavan (magician) and forget their daily activities. With his tiny fingers, Gopala (the protector of cows) plays the flute in deep concentration where droplets of perspiration begin to form on his creased eyebrows. The gopis are filled with joy upon hearing his music and run to him and surrender themselves.

  • He is the one who lifted the Govardhana hill to protect the villagers from the wrath of Indra, the king of gods. He is the one who killed Kamsa, the tyrant king who tried to kill him many times. He is the one who danced on the hood of Kaliya, the poisonous serpent who polluted the Yamuna river. He is the one who performed many miracles and wonders in his life.

  • He is the one who charmed Radha, his eternal consort, with his love. He is the one who played rasaleela (the dance of love) with her and the other gopis on the banks of Yamuna under the full moon. He is the one who gave them bliss and ecstasy with his touch and glance. He is the one who stole their hearts and souls with his smile.

Ayar Sheriyar shabdam is a tribute to Krishna, who is considered as the embodiment of love, beauty, joy, and grace. It is a celebration of his divine qualities and his playful leelas (divine acts). It is a way of expressing devotion and admiration for him through dance and music.

If you want to watch some examples of Ayar Sheriyar shabdam performed by Bharatanatyam dancers, you can check out these videos: [Ayar Sheriyar Shabdam Bharatanatyam Krishna Janmashtami], [Shabdam Ayar Sheriyar Bharatanatyam TADA], [Shabdam (Bharathanatyam) - Ayar Sheriyar Ragamalika].


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