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The Benefits of Having an Activation Key for Fritz 13

fritz 13 uses a wide range of alternative moves to help it to evaluate the position and to find the best move. as this is a feature that is unique to fritz, a feature that even kasparov once used in his own series of programs, we at chessbase are now using it also in our training system. by analysing the position from all possible side lines, we can find many alternative lines that we would not expect to be taken by the top grandmasters. this is how fritz comes up with good moves, or even moves that are better than the ones we would otherwise expect, and this is why we are convinced that fritz is so good at evaluating positions.

fritz 13 activation key

fritz 13 has a detailed database of thousands of historical games. this database allows you to explore the variations of a particular opening and to analyse your own games with the grandmaster-level analysis. this is how you can become a better chess player:

not only do we offer you an extremely powerful chess engine, our training system is also a fun and educational tool. we offer a free version of fritz 13, as well as a premium version, fritz premium, which includes the full database of games and training aids, free for life. for fans of top chess engines, we also offer a version of fritz 13 on playchess.

  • the fritz chess engine is a chess engine developed by wolfgang krieger and designed to compete with the best chess programs available. the fritz chess engine uses a simplified version of the lasker-de bruijn method. it includes the current stock standard of the fritz software: fritz 6.5, fritz 7, fritz 8, fritz 9, fritz 11 and fritz 12.the fritz chess engine can be used for free or as a freemium product, offering the basic functionality to all users for a low monthly fee. all features of the fritz chess engine are completely free for registered users, except for the file handling and the database. for every registered user, the engine is provided by a license with a discount of 30% to the monthly fee. at the same time, registered users can download from the internet the latest update packs, which are distributed free of charge by krieger.the fritz chess engine is based on the fritz 6 chess engine. fritz 6/7/8/9based on the lasker-de bruijn method (ldm)

  • piece evaluation with the levenshtein distance (ld)

  • algorithm for calculating the actual loss of a position

  • highly adaptable opening book

  • very fast position evaluation

  • sqn+ and moveximp (moveximp is partially compatible with moveximp2)

  • traceback and memory manager

  • build-in database of more than 1,500,000 games

other features

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